World’s Largest Frozen Egg Bank Offers A Lifetime Of Security

Rockville, MD – Donor Egg Bank, a California Cryobank company, continues to set the standard for the frozen donor egg industry by offering a truly once in lifetime opportunity to their intended parents – free processing for their future babies’ cord blood stem cells through sister company FamilyCord – a $1,500 savings.“A child’s birth is the one and only opportunity to bank his or her cord blood and cord tissue,” explains California Cryobank and FamilyCord Medical Director Jaime Shamonki, MD. “Preserving these cells now gives your baby the potential to benefit from emerging therapeutic applications of these powerful cells for years to come.”Today, cord blood stem cells are being used in the treatment of nearly 80 cancers and blood diseases and have become an excellent alternative to traditional bone marrow transplant for many patients. Scientists have recently recognized cord blood stem cells’ capacity for interacting with the immune system, helping bodies potentially heal in entirely new ways. There are currently clinical trials under way looking at the therapeutic promise of cord blood in treating conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, diabetes, and many others.Donor Egg Bank offers intended parents over 300 highly-qualified donors with frozen eggs available for immediate use. Featuring a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, physical characteristics, interests, talents, and hobbies, Donor Egg Bank provides a wealth of information on each donor, including family medical history, health and genetic testing, photographs, and more.

Co-founder Heidi Hayes, a donor egg mom herself, is thrilled to bring this offering to her clients. “This is such an incredible opportunity to support the long-term health of our donor conceived families. I really wish I had this opportunity when we were starting our family.”

Donor Egg Bank, a California Cryobank Company, represents a collaboration of more than 200 of the top reproductive specialists throughout the United States and Canada. Donor Egg Bank offers the financial security of a 100% Assured Refund Plan™ if an intended parent does not deliver a baby.