Los Angeles, CA, September 2017—California Cryobank (Cryobank), the worldwide leader in frozen donor sperm and egg banking, recently became the first sperm bank in the industry to add a clinical psychological assessment and criminal background check to their standard donor screening process.The donor sperm industry has traditionally operated without the use of a formal psychological screening component. To further its mission of providing the highest quality donor services, California Cryobank has developed a network of doctorate-level, ASRM-member mental health professionals, led by Dr. Andrea Braverman, Cryobank’s Director of Psychological Services.“California Cryobank has stepped into the forefront of donor screening with the introduction of a comprehensive psychological assessment including a thorough in-person clinical interview and psychological testing with the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI),” explains Dr. Braverman. “Using the best psychometric instruments which screen for major psychopathology in combination with an extensive clinical interview by a mental health professional brings donor screening to a new level.”

In additional to performing psychological screening, all donors are extensively counselled on the implications of their life-time commitment to gamete donation. “We believe in robust screening as well as quality informed consent”, says Medical Director Dr. Jaime Shamonki. “Our screening process selects for the most committed, altruistic, and informed donors”.

California Cryobank is also one of the first sperm banks to implement criminal background checks as a standard part of the donor screening process.

“We have heard from more and more clients in the last few years that psychological screening is something they would truly value. This is just one more way we can continue to help create happy, healthy families,” adds Scott Brown, Director of Customer Experience.

Less than 1% of applicants qualify to become Cryobank donors. The donor screening process also includes strict specimen quality standards, three generations of family medical history review, genetic screening, and communicable disease testing.

About California Cryobank

Founded in 1977, California Cryobank provides frozen donor sperm and eggdonor egg services, reproductive tissue storage, and cord blood and cord tissue banking through subsidiary FamilyCord). Operating throughout the United States, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia, Cryobank is registered with the FDA, accredited by the AATB and AABB, and licensed by the states of California and New York. Cryobank is a portfolio company of two healthcare-focused private investment firms, Longitude Capital and NovaQuest Capital Management.